Sunday, October 19, 2008

Linda Collection 1

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0024 . . . OPEN:

My friend Linda brought a surprise to a club meeting yesterday. It was a big Ziploc bag of fortune cookies. If I had heard her right, the place where she had been getting Chinese takeout was now giving her four (or more) fortune cookies with each order, instead of just one. She didn't need that many fortune cookies, so she brought them to the meeting for the rest of us.

I immediately grabbed a few cookies. A couple of the others did as well, but when I told them about what I was doing here, they let me have their fortunes after reading them. (I think they would have been thrown away if I hadn't said anything.)

With Linda’s blessing, I also grabbed the bag at the meeting's end. I haven't gone through all of the fortune cookies yet -- that was a one-gallon Ziploc bag, and it was stuffed with cookies. What I am presenting here is the first of what I am going to call the Linda Collections:

"A family reunion in the coming months will be a tremendous success!"
"A good time to start something new."
"A leader is a person you will follow to a place you wouldn't go by yourself."
"Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." (I think this was the fortune in the first cookie I opened.)
"The best prophet of the future is the past."
"The courage to be great lies deep within each of us."
"You are a bundle of energy, always on the go."
"You are ambitious."

There will be more to come, I promise. Hmmm, I need to ask Linda who is being so generous with the fortune cookies . . .

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0024 . . . CLOSE

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