Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Than One Reason

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Yesterday, I stopped by China 1 to pick up a slightly late lunch. As it turned out, that was a smart idea, because "crazy" does not begin to describe things at work last evening.

It was still early enough to order a lunch special, and I ordered shrimp with garlic sauce. I did ask them to tone down the spiciness in the sauce. I didn't realize that it contained bell pepper, or I would have asked them to hold that as well.

One of the reasons I stopped by China 1 is that they have extra packets of soy sauce, hot mustard, and duck sauce available for the customers, and I picked up several of the first two. (The reasons for that will be covered in a future entry.)

After getting my food, I caught the TARC, and rode it to Shelbyville Road Plaza. I was making a stop by Borders before I went to work, and before going there, I found a bench, and I sat down to eat.

As I mentioned, I discovered the hard way that China 1 puts bell pepper in their shrimp with garlic sauce. Fortunately, the chunks were large enough that I was able to quickly spot them, and toss them at the base of a tree near where I was setting. (Hey, it is biodegradable, right?) And they made the garlic sauce just a little milder than I thought they would. Well, I suppose that last bit is my fault; I did ask for the mild version, after all. I'll have to ask for the medium version next time I order it.

Even though the sauce was on the mild side, the food was delicious, with plenty of decent-sized shrimp (I suppose "medium" is the official name). It also came with plenty of mushrooms, water chestnuts, baby corn, and other vegetables. And the sauce blended together quite nicely with the fried rice. Oh, and China 1 put the food in a reusable microwave dish. Not completely certain if I would want to try to bring anything from home to work, though; at least not when I'm on bike.

Of course, the meal included a fortune cookie, and the fortune inside read as follows:

"Serious trouble will bypass you."

This is one of those fortunes that I sincerely hope will hold true.

As I said, it was a good thing I had a chance to eat before going to work. It was one of those nights when anything and everything crazy seemed to happen. It's not a good thing when it feels like rush hour for more than four hours.

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