Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Him, Cooko!

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The Chinese New Year may have come and gone, but I've been holding on to a reminder of that event for a few weeks now. As you may remember, when I went by the Bon Air library just before the Chinese New Year, I spotted a bowl of "fortune cookies" at the circulation desk. These "cookies" were actually made from mini-muffin cups, and the fortunes were ones created by the staff.

On my next visit, I made a point of finding the branch manager, and I told her that I had thought that the "cookies" were a cute idea. She told me which librarian had thought of the idea, and said that she was the one to whom I should be addressing the feedback. And I did, which was on yet another visit.

I also picked up a couple of other "cookies" while there still some in the bowl. They've been buried at the bottom of my one of my backpack's pockets . . . probably ever since I grabbed those other "cookies." Here's what the second library fortune said:

"The Tooth Fairy will visit you before summer's end."

Not likely -- not unless I'm going to be meeting a very strange dentist by then.

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