Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Wrong Way To Eat A Fortune Cookie?

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Do you have any particular pattern when it comes to eating a fortune cookie? Is there any particular ritual that you use for eating the cookie, and reading the fortune?

With me, it depends on the circumstances surrounding the meal. If I'm eating alone, I will usually stuff the fortune cookie (still wrapped) in my backpack or in my pocket. I tend to wait until I get home before I unwrap the cookie, break it open, eat the cookie, and read the fortune. I find this especially true since I started this particular online journal.

If I have bought a batch of cookies at the mall's food court, I get them in a bag. The bag definitely goes in the backpack, and I wait until I'm home. Then, it's a case of waiting until I have more than a few free moments, and I crack them open all at once. (It usually helps if I'm in the mood for a little snack.)

In both cases, it's a matter of keeping track of the fortunes. I don't want to lose them, or have them scattered to some distant corner of my condo, so I open the cookies where I can keep them at hand while I write an entry.

If I'm eating with friends . . . well, that's a different matter. If we're eating Chinese (or Korean, or at any other Asian restaurant that gives you a fortune cookie at the end of the meal), we share the fortunes with each other.

There is even a particular ritual one group of friends uses for sharing our fortunes. One person starts by picking one person in the group at random, and asks that person a question. The person being questioned replies by reading his or her fortune. He or she then asks another person a question. This continues until the first questioner is asked the last question, and replies with the fortune from his or her cookie.

Are there any other interesting fortune cookie rituals out there?

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