Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Archeological Find

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0028 . . . OPEN:

This is yet another fortune I discovered while cleaning my condo. It's not that my condo is a total mess . . . well, it is something of a mess, but that's another topic for discussion elsewhere. I keep discovering all of these fortunes because, let's face it, the little slips of paper are rather small, and it is easy for them to get lost in various nooks and crannies.

In any event, here is the most recent fortune I rediscovered:

"You have an unusually magnetic personality."

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0028 . . . CLOSE

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SASHA said...

Well well.. you found me on Blogspot! *applause applause* Been trying to leave a comment at one of your blog posts on Xanga, but I can't even access the website =(