Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Miss This Time

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0038 . . . OPEN:

Around this time last year, I mentioned an opportunity I had missed with the Valentine's Day version of Hershey's Special Dark Kisses. This year, I got it right.

Quick recap: Hershey does something a little different with the Valentine bags of the Special Dark Kisses. Instead of the usual flags (which simply say "Dark"), Hershey uses flags with Valentine messages. They only do this with the Special Dark Kisses (and don't ask me why).

These messages aren't precisely fortunes, but I thought they were close enough to include here. But as I said last year, I waited just a little too long after Valentine's Day. The Special Dark Kisses disappeared from the shelves much quicker than I thought they would.

This year, things were a little different. I grabbed a couple of bags several weeks ago just to be certain that I wouldn't miss them two years in a row. And as I went through the first bag, I very carefully kept the flags. Hershey used six different messages, and I made certain that I had all of them:

"A Kiss For You"
"A Valentine Kiss"
"Be My Valentine"
"I Love You"
"Kiss Me Quick"
"Love And Kisses"

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0038 . . . CLOSE

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