Monday, May 4, 2009

Not A Typo

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I have been continuing my brief hiatus from Chinese takeout at work the past few days. This weekend, it was Subway and Papa John's. Definitely a welcome change of pace, but unfortunately, none of those places serve fortune cookies.

(Fortune cookies with your pizza. Now, that might be an interesting gimmick.)

Instead, I have another batch of fortune cookies that I picked up at Max Orient a couple of months ago. Now, it was probably at the beginning of the year when I got these cookies, but I know who picked out the cookies for me. As I mentioned the first time I presented fortunes that I picked up at Max Orient, they sell fortune cookies at three for 50 cents, and I usually get a dollar's worth. There is one lady who works behind the counter who almost always drops in an additional cookie to be certain I’m getting what I'm paying for. (I will assume that she does this for everyone who buys fortune cookies, and not just me.) With this particular batch, I got eight cookies. And here are the fortunes:

"Emulate what you respect in your friends."
"Pull the universe inside you. Make it your own."
"Take that chance you've been considering."
"You are imaginative in using your skills. Apply this next week."
"You are imaginative in using your skills. Apply this next week."*
"You will make many changes before settling satisfactorily."
"You will soon be crossing warm waters for a fun vacation."
"You will soon be receiving sound spoken advice. Listen!"

*No, this is not a typographical error. I really did get the same fortune twice in the same batch of fortune cookies. I'll be writing more about this in another entry.

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