Monday, May 18, 2009

Promises Of More Material

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0074 . . . OPEN:

I found a new source of fortunes, or at least fortune-ish sayings. Yesterday, I unwrapped a Dove Promises chocolate, and as I happened to glance at the inside of the wrapper, I saw a short message that would have not been out of place if I had found it while cracking open a fortune cookie.

Dove is not the first candymaker to do something like this. From what I have read, the Italian chocolatier Perugina has been doing this for years with their Baci chocolates. Wrapped inside each Baci (which, by the way, is Italian for "kiss") is a short lovenote, usually quotes from great love poems or other comments on love. (I have never tried a Baci, so I don't have firsthand knowledge.) And as I mentioned in an entry last year, Nestle includes messages on their Nestle Treasures chocolates as well. Those messages offer advice on the theme of just taking time to enjoy life.

I'm not sure if there is a general theme to the messages found on the Promises wrappers. I think I will have to look a more than just the three I sampled last night before I come to any conclusion. But here are those first three:

"Trust with your heart, not your head."
"A gentle touch speaks volumes."
"Laugh until your heart overflows."

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ISABLOG DU ( said...

The last one is the sweetest. But I bet the chocolate was sweeter.

Janus said...

Dark chocolate with blackberry caramel, as a matter of fact.