Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Baci Is Just A Baci

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0081 . . . OPEN:

I finally unwrapped the other Baci in the package I got recently. Now, I have discovered that if you want to get the lovenote in readable condition, you need to unwrap the chocolate carefully. Of course, I had figured that out before I ever unwrapped my first Baci.

The note inside was in at least one other language that I hadn't seen previously. I recognize it as Greek, but again, I couldn't read anything other than the English version. Here's what it said:

"The more I love you the more you flee from me my darling."

This was attributed to a C. Baudelaire. Not recognizing who that might be, though.

JANUSFILES2 . . . ENTRY #0081 . . . CLOSE

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