Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Internet, Iced Tea, And Egg Fu Young

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Yesterday, I went by Lemongrass Cafe for takeout. The shrimp egg fu young lunch special, to be precise.

I didn't go from there to work, though. It was still at least a couple of hours before my shift started. Instead, I went a couple of blocks down the road to Heine Brothers Coffee. I got a large cup of iced tea, set up my laptop, and connected to their wifi network.

It made for a pleasant combination. The egg fu young was delicious, Heine Brothers serves a refreshing iced tea, and being able to eat and drink while surfing the Internet is something I'm unable to do at the library.

And I did get a fortune cookie. Ideally, I would have posted this entry yesterday, but by the time I started thinking about writing it, I realized that I needed to get to work. So, the opening of the cookie (and the revelation of the fortune inside) was left for today:

"Success is in the details."

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