Friday, July 10, 2009

Twice As Nice

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You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything for a little over a week. There is a simple reason for this. I have been going a variety of different places to grab lunch for work. I have been on something of a burrito kick recently. They have the advantage of being self-contained and (usually) not that messy, but Qdoba and Taco Bell don't give out fortune cookies.

Yesterday, though, I was near China 1 when I thought about getting something for lunch. It was early afternoon, and I ordered one of the lunch specials, shrimp with lobster sauce. I also got to work early enough where I could eat before clocking in. The food definitely tastes better when it's hot.

Lunch came with fried rice, and for once it wasn't overly oniony. Definite plus there.

I'm not quite sure what lobster sauce is, but it was pleasant. There were plenty of shrimp, along with peas and chunks of carrots. I usually mix whatever sauce remains after eating the entree with the rice, but this time, it seemed to be easier to do the blending beforehand, and eat everything together.

I also had a slight surprise at the end of the meal. I found two fortune cookies in with my meal. Here is what the fortunes said:

"There is no glory unless you put yourself on the line."
"You will soon take a very pleasant and successful trip."

That first one sounds like a fancier version of "No guts, no glory," doesn't it?

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